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Keep Yourself Safe from Fraud this Holiday Season

Keep yourself safe from phone, email, and text fraud this holiday season
The holiday season is full of fun, family, and, unfortunately, fraud. This time is when scammers amp up their efforts to get personal information like bank accounts, and with shoppers looking to save every penny they can, scammers will take advantage.
Common holiday phone, email, and text fraud schemes include:
“Click this link to track your package.”
Online order tracking can be a lifesaver: you know where your package is and when it’ll arrive at your home. If you receive a text or email about your package with a link that seems out of the ordinary (especially if you already received a tracking number), do not click on it. The link could be a phishing scam to get you to enter personal information.
“There’s an issue with your order.”
If you believe there’s a problem with your order, go directly to the source: the company you bought the item from. Their customer service will help you determine if the problem is legitimate.
“Your account has been hacked”
Many texts have been going around stating that there’s a problem with your Amazon account. All you have to do to resolve it is to use the sent link.
Don’t click it.
If you get a phone call, text, or email stating that an account has been hacked, resist the urge to act immediately. Think about where the information came from. Scammers try to create a sense of urgency to throw you off and lower your guard by using language like “Act now!”
Always protect your accounts with 2-factor identification to provide an extra layer of security.
Shop with trusted sources
When shopping for the holidays, especially online, shop with trusted stores by going directly to their physical store or website. If using person-to-person (P2P) payments like PayPal to pay for your orders, only use it with companies and people you know.
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