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Red piggy bank with glasses in front of white Christmas tree

6 Tips For Staying Within Budget During The Holidays

The holiday gift-giving season is here! As much as many of us love giving gifts, it’s possible to be too generous. Follow these six tips to stay within budget during the holidays: Budget Your Spending Before you begin your holiday spending, make a budget. List who you will be giving gifts to and how much […]

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Close-up Of Pencil Eraser Erasing Debt Word On White Paper

6 Effective Tips for Managing Debt

Debt is how much you owe someone, but not all debts are bad. For example, mortgage loans allow us to buy a home. Even if you have a small amount of debt, it is essential to know how to manage it to help you manage your finances and your credit score. Know Your Debt-To-Income Ratio […]

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Cyber Security and Digital Data Protection Concept

Banking Safety 101: Never Share Personal Information

Whether banking over the phone, in person, or online, keeping your personal information is safe is of the utmost importance. And that means no sharing of personal information! Yes, there are times where you have to share personal information like your Social Security Number with your bank for security and identification purposes. Besides those exceptions […]

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Manage your finances image with text save smart to meet your goals, we can help. Simple view helps you create a plan to save for lifes big purchases

Manage Your Finances With SimpleView

Managing your finances is an essential part of adulthood and a skill everyone should have. That’s why 1st Advantage Bank offers SimpleView, our web-based tool designed to help you take control of your finances. Access Anytime, Anywhere With online banking, SimpleView is available wherever you have internet access. Simply log into your account and you’re […]

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Options Traditional IRA or Roth IRA retirement plans as piggy banks.

Roth IRA Versus Traditional IRA

An IRA is a great way to save for retirement, as these long-term saving and investment accounts are designed to build a nest egg. IRAs can be invested in on your own or through your employer. There are two types of IRA: Traditional and Roth. While they have their similarities, they have different ways of […]

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