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This account gives business owners with low account activity an easy-to-use, convenient checking solution that’s free of minimum balance requirements and monthly maintenance fees.
✓ No minimum balance to maintain
✓ Access your account anytime through online and mobile banking
✓ Make deposits at your convenience with mobile deposit
✓ No monthly maintenance fees


Minimum balance to open $100.00
50 FREE debits per month $.50 per debit transaction over 50
50 FREE credits per month $.50 per credit transaction over 50
50 FREE deposited items per month $.25 per deposited item over 50

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To expediate the process of applying for a business loan, there is information you can gather beforehand.  Here’s a helpful checklist.

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Did you KNOW?

The ACH network batches financial transactions together and processes them throughout the day. Business clients canc originate a direct deposit or payment using he ACH network.

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