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Business Money Market Accounts

Put your money to work for your business as you save for projects, equipment, and more. Experience interest rates that build as your balance builds, while maintaining easy access to your funds. 1st Advantage Bank offers a competitive money market account that gives you liquidity combined with earning power.


  • Open with a minimum deposit of $1,000.00
  • Access your account online anytime.
  • Make deposits anytime, as well as up to six withdrawals a month*
  • Earn a higher rate of interest with higher balances.

If the average daily ledger balance for the statement cycle falls below $1,000.00, the service charge will be $10.00 per statement cycle.  If the collected balance falls below $1,000 on any day, interest is not earned for that day.  Interest is compounded monthly and added to the balance of the account on the last day of the statement cycle (monthly).  The interest rate on this account may change at any time after the account is opened.  *By law, this account is allowed only six (6) pre-authorized transfers or withdrawals per month, and only three (3) may be payments by check to third parties.  The account will be charged an Excess Debit Fee of $1.00 for each debit transaction in excess of six (6) per statement cycle.