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Are you tired of letting budgeting spin your head around? SimpleView is a powerful new way for you to organize and manage your finances. It helps you see where your money is going, how you’re spending it, and how you can improve your financial outlook. It’s secure, free and easy – simply login to Online Banking to get started!

With SimpleView you can track any account you have online access to. Best of all, its web-based, so you can manage your accounts from anywhere, giving you tighter control over your funds.


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Access any time, anywhere through Online Banking.

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The budget tool helps you visually keep track of your expenses.

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Tagging your transactions will help to keep your budget organized.

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The Cash Flow Calendar helps you visualize your budget and keep your finances in check.

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Create goals to plan for the future or get out of debt.

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Net Worth

Net Worth allows you to keep track of your assets and debt.

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Alerts help you stay on top of your account activity.

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Young couple smiling
Budgeting for a growing family

Thinking of starting a family or adding to it?

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Beneficial Money Habits To Start Right Now

By starting beneficial money habits now, you can help your money grow.

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6 Tips For Staying Within Budget During The Holidays

The holiday gift-giving season is coming fast. Start planning a budget now so you are prepared.

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