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Should I Transfer My Credit Card Balance to a New Card?

Should I transfer my credit card balance to a new card?

Are you feeling the squeeze from high-interest credit card debt and considering transferring your balance to a 0% APR promotional offer? If so, it may be a wise financial move that helps ease some of your bill-paying stress. But before you sign up for a new credit card or transfer any existing debt to a new card with 0% interest, take the time to understand all the implications of this type of transaction.

Transferring your credit card balance can save money on interest charges

With credit card debt on the rise, transferring credit card balances to new cards to take advantage of lower interest rates or, even better – 0% interest rates – is a great way to reduce the amount of money you’re paying in interest charges. Researching and evaluating credit cards can help you find a low-interest rate or an introductory period longer than your current credit card provider offers. Transferring credit card balances can save time and money by keeping funds in accounts that might otherwise have been used for more expensive credit card payments.

Transferring your credit card balance can consolidate debt

Sometimes credit card bills can pile up, quickly becoming challenging to manage and pay off. Transferring your credit card debt to one credit card at a lower interest rate than what you are currently paying can be an effective and efficient way to consolidate credit card debt. One credit card payment with a manageable interest rate may make it easier to track expenses and reduce the amount of money spent each month.

You may have to pay a balance transfer fee

Remember that transfers may also be subject to balance transfer fees, though this should be weighed against the savings achieved through lowered interest rates. Depending on the balance and fee amount, this can outweigh the benefit of the decreased interest rate. Ensure you thoroughly review all credit card details and plan accordingly before committing to a credit card balance transfer – it can be an effective way of saving money on credit debt if done correctly.

Have a financial plan before transferring your credit card balance

When you transfer your balance to a new card, you’re likely hoping to pay off that debt faster, thanks to the 0% introductory interest. When you make that transfer, use this time to pay off that debt. Many balance transfer cards offer 0% APR on purchases but don’t take that bait, as it can put you further into debt. Instead, have a plan to reduce credit card use and pay off that debt.

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